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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial membership?

Yes, we offer a complimentary 7-Day Trial (7-consecutive business days), in which the participant can take as many classes as they wish!

Do you have to be of a certain age , fitness, or experience level, to participate in classes?

NO! Absolutely not. Every one of our classes are programmed with modifications and inclusions in mind. At Arise, our goal is to appeal to as many fitness levels and walks of life as is  possible. Our instructors care about your comfort level, and want the experience to be challenging but not daunting. In general, ages 13 and up are welcome to participate. Please contact the owners for our recommendations. Communication is key in helping our members achieve their desired results!

 What about prior exercise experience?

No, our staff is trained to help the first time exercise participant to the seasoned veteran! Again, please contact the owners or instructors with any specific concerns or considerations. Communication is key, and accessibility and inclusivity are our priorities!

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